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In this episode, Shari Blanchard talks about the steps she took during her evaluation process in order to get listed for a lung transplant.

This is what it takes to get listed
Shari Blanchard

In this episode, Lauren Brummett talks about her newborn baby being born with a rare condition that damaged his lungs and is now waiting for a lung transplant.  

My baby is waiting for a 
transplant miracle
Lauren Brummett

Tara Pollock and Mala Nichani talk about their personal connection with kidney transplant and how they have been working closely with Natera, a company that administers the Prospera test to detect rejection early on.

There is a way to spot rejection early
Tara Pollock
Mala Nichani

In this episode, Susie Sweeny talks about how her sister saved her life by donating part of her liver.

My sister saved my life
Susie Sweeney

In this episode, Janie Butts talks about her experience with having a hereditary condition that let to having a kidney transplant which then let into having open heart surgery.

From Kidney Transplant to Open Heart Surgery
Janie Butts

In this episode, Stephanie talks about her struggles with LAM and how she managed to stay positive through the transplant process. 

It's all about being positive
Stephanie Gonzalez

In this episode, Danica tells us about her inspirational journey going through her double lung transplant and being diagnosed with cancer afterwards.  

CF, transplant, and cancer won't stop me
Danica Murray

In this episode, Jenny and Denise talk about what it takes to start and run a nonprofit organization.

Start a nonprofit they said.
It will be fun they said.
Denise Redeker

In this episode, Tom shares his experience with having a dual kidney, pancreas transplant and how it has changed his life for the better

My pancreas transplant changed my life 
Tom Graham

In this episode, Robert Chelsea talks about being the oldest and first African American person to receive a full face transplant.  He talk about his experience with leading up to his decision and how having a face transplant has affected his life.  

I am the first African American to have a face transplant.
Robert Chelsea

In this episode, Andrew talks about catching Covid-19 and how getting a lung transplant saved his life.  

Covid tried to kill me
Andrew Capen

In this episode, Brenda talks about the challenges she faced to help her son get a lung transplant after almost dying from Covid

Brenda Capen

In this episode, Amy shares her journey with receiving two kidney transplants.  We also discuss the 2022 Transplant Games of America in San Diego and everything you need to know about participating or attending the games. 

Meet me at the Transplant Games
Amy Frackowiak

In this episode (Part 1), Randy and Becky share their experiences going through the transplant process.  We get to hear each side as Randy talks about being a recipient while Becky jumps into the caregiving role.

Surviving a lung transplant with my highschool sweetheart
Randy & Becky Coker
Part 1

In part 2 of this episode, Randy and Becky discuss their experience meeting Randy's donor family and the similarities his donor and family had with his late brother. 

I got to meet my Angel's family  
Randy & Becky Coker
Part 2

Bobby and Faith come on to share their unique and adorable love story.  They talk about how they met while staying at Nora's Home and ended up falling in love all while going to the transplant process. 

Two lungs, one heart, and a love story 
Bobby Channell &
Faith Crouch

Jenny is at the Transplant Games of America and she gives us an idea of what it's like at the games.  She also gives us a preview of the upcoming episode where she has people sharing a quick story or interview at the games.

Untitled design (55).png
Transplant Games Teaser
Jenny McFarlane

In this episode, Jenny shares her experience of being at the Transplant Games of America and shares the mini-stories from other participants of the games.  

Each person came up to the microphone and shared something about themselves.  Jenny has compiled all of those stories in to one episode.

Untitled design (55).png
Tales from the Transplant Games
Part 1

In this episode, Jenny interviews participants from the Transplant Games of America. Each person shares a little bit about their journey and why they are there at the transplant games.

Untitled design (55).png
Tales from the Transplant Games
Part 2

In this episode, Shana shares her journey of receiving a heart and kidney transplant and the steps she took to ensure that it was a Christmas miracle

My transplant story belongs in a Hallmark Christmas movie
Shana Pereira

In this episode, Jean shares her story about getting her kidney transplant from a stranger and how it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't been sharing her story with others.

I got my transplant because I shared my story
Jean Siime

In this episode, Tara shares her experience of losing her daughter and making the decision to donate her organs. She talks about Taylor's Gift Foundation and how this foundation is providing great support for other donor families.

Taylor's Gift
Tara Storch

In this episode, Tammy shares her transplant journey of getting a double lung transplant.  She talks about her experiences of having pulmonary hypertension and explains how she had to be an advocate for herself in order to receive a transplant.

I had to tell my doctors that I needed a transplant
Tammy Stephens

In this episode, Tod Nelson shares his experience of getting two transplants and the difference between the two.  He shares about how his first transplant was easier to go through than the second.  

My second transplant was harder than my first
Tod Nelson

In this episode, Mandy shares her journey of getting a heart transplant.  She talks about all the challenges she had and the steps she had to take to get her new heart. 

I was planning my funeral when I got the call
Mandy Nathan

In this episode, Josh Harrold talks about how he became a hero not once, but twice! Josh is a living donor who saved his friend and a stranger's life by saying yes to organ donation!

I have already saved two people's lives
Josh Harrold
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