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Happy Transplant Anniversary

November 2

In this episode, Eileen talks about her experience of going through a transplant because of using IV drugs and ultimately getting hepatitis C because of it.  

Because of IV drug use, I almost died waiting for my transplant
Eileen Wagner

November 10

In this episode, Mandy shares her journey of getting a heart transplant.  She talks about all the challenges she had and the steps she had to take to get her new heart. 

I was planning my funeral when I got the call
Mandy Nathan

November 11

In this episode, Margaret shares the ups and downs she went through during her transplant process.  

Margaret carfora.JPG
My surgery went exactly how it was supposed to go
Margaret Carfora

In this episode, Margaret shares the ups and downs she went through during her transplant process.  

November 18

David Jenkins and his wife, Gina, talk about the many challenges David faced after his transplant.  One of them including Primary Graft Dysfunction. 

I Was Put on the List Again a Few Days After My Transplant
David Jenkins
With Wife, Gina

November 19

In this episode, you will hear Linda's incredible story about getting her transplant and the challenges she faced after her surgery. 

They couldn't close my chest for 3 days after my transplant
Linda Foster

November 21

In this episode, Amy shares her journey with receiving two kidney transplants.  We also discuss the 2022 Transplant Games of America in San Diego and everything you need to know about participating or attending the games. 

Meet me at the Transplant Games
Amy Frackowiak

November 30


In this episode (Part 1), Randy and Becky share their experiences going through the transplant process.  We get to hear each side as Randy talks about being a recipient while Becky jumps into the caregiving role.

Surviving a lung transplant with my highschool sweetheart
Randy & Becky Coker

In part 2 of this episode, Randy and Becky discuss their experience meeting Randy's donor family and the similarities his donor and family had with his late brother. 

I got to meet my Angel's family  
Randy & Becky Coker
Part 2

In this episode, Randy shares his journey with his battle with skin cancer.  He talks about going through radiation and the challenges and struggles that it brought.  

Sun-Kissed With a Twist: Surviving Skin Cancer 
Randy Coker


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