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23 years ago, I received my gift

with Joanne Schumn

My Journey, with Jenny McFarlane, Host

Meeting my donor's family, with Jerry Ray, Jr.

Meeting my donor's family, with Auburn Stevens

My surgery went exactly how it was supposed to go with Margaret Carfora

Transplant & Stroke & CF oh my! with Dan Murphy

I had two living lung donors with Maria Urrechaga- P. 1

I survived Covid-19 with Maria Urrechaga - P. 2

The psychiatric hospital wouldn't give me my anti-rejection meds with Nikki McDonald

My first transplant gave me cancerwith Steve Jenkins

I have been in Chronic Rejection for 18 years with Sandy Driste MacDonald - P 1

I got pregnant 3 weeks after my transplant with Sandy Driste MacDonald - P 2

I tried to tell them I didn't need a transplant with Rod Spadinger

My brother needs a fourth transplantwith Jillian Lynch

Pamela's Bloodless Transplant with Pamela Strong

I was put on the list again a few days after my transplant with David Jenkins and wife, Gina

It took a while to figure out what was wrong with me with Scott

I died during my transplant with Joe Lusk

I knew my lung transplant donor with Holly Kroeze

My surgery took 16 hours with Pablo Pappano

They wanted to pull the plug! with Esteban Jaramillo

Mary Hardy - Meeting my donor's Family

They couldn't close my chest for 3 days after my transplant with Linda Foster

I was only in the hospital for 9 days with Richard Robbins

4 years on the list and still waitingwith Jessica Del Toro

I regret getting the fundoplication surgery with Sarah Donoughue

I was supposed to get two lungs but only got one with Gray Toney

This is what it takes to get listed with Shari Blanchard

My baby needs a transplant miracle with Lauren Brummett

It's all about being positive with Stephanie Gonzalez

CF, transplant, and cancer are not going to stop me with Danica Murray

Covid tried to kill me with Andrew Capen

I had to be a mom, advocate, & caregiver for my son with Brenda Capen

Surviving a lung transplant with my high school sweetheart with Randy & Becky CokerPart 1

I got to meet my Angel's family with Randy and Becky Coker Part 2

Two lungs, one heart, and a love story with Bobby and Faith

I had to tell my doctors that I needed a transplant with Tammy Stephens

Today is My 27th Transplant Anniversary! with Kim Jacques

Sun-Kissed With a Twist: Surviving Skin Cancer with Randy Coker

Two Surgeries, Three Organs, and a Lifetime to Go with Jerry Ray Jr.

If You're Going Through Hell, Just Keep Going
with Start Miller

From No to Yes with No Regrets

with Nancy Lewis (P. 1)



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