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There are currently over 107,000 people on the transplant waiting list

Pre To Post

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Pre to Post Transplant Podcast

A podcast that brings personal stories from those awaiting transplant, transplant survivors, their families, friends, and loved ones.  You will hear challenges and triumphs of all different kinds of people who are going through this journey of organ donation.

Each episode is filled with advice, information, and inspiration on everything you want to know about transplant and more!



Refreshing, real, honest

Jenny does a fantastic job at getting to the heart and soul of all issues “transplant.” She talks about the why, where, how, as well physical and emotional recovery. The transplant world is scary, but with this podcast, it brings “our” family closer and provides a sense of security and reassurance only those that know can give

Very Uplifting

These are great podcasts. My family and friends have been very helpful but it is great to hear other people’s story who have been down the same or similar roads as you. Highly recommend for any who are at any stage along the transplant road.

Perfect for pre or post transplant warriors

Jenny does an exceptional job of interviewing transplant warriors, I feel like I'm listening to a friend interview another friend. Jenny has a gift of bringing together a community of warriors that can all relate on a personal level. Pre or post, this is an excellent podcast to listen to, especially if you want to know you're not alone in this fight!

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